Saturday, 3 September 2011

I Call For Peace! And Piece of Mind...

All Haters of Goth, on Face Book, or not, this was targeted at you...

Now, I have a few ideas that I would like to share with you. They go as follows:

WHY in heaven's name don't all of you moaning and groaning people - rather than address something you guys obviously don't understand (Like perhaps the difference between goth and satanism) - set up an entire page about how totally frustrated you are in the mere existence of Goth, do something worth while.
There are millions of good causes to join forces with: Animal Welfare; Green Peace; ANTI - Child Abuse Association; Church for Street Life - to name but a few.
Couldn't you guys turn all that negative energy positive and aim it at something that truly craves your attention?

Now what about movies.... Ever heard about Nightmare Before Christmas?
Edward Scissor-hands... Addams Family Values.... Beetle Juice..... Batman.... Good movies, eh? No doubt you'll stop loving them, once you learn that they're goth?

So, here's my question to you...
Good people of Planet Earth, my fellow Homosapiens, why is it that we persist to make war among ourselves, when we're all clearly the same creatures - with body, mind and soul?

Oh, we have different races; cultures and belief... Yes, that is true. And don't forget the POLITICS! Yikes!

But, my point is, friends, we must learn to except the beauty of diversity.

Without differences there would be no point to life. No point in learning. No changing. No evolution.

A clump of dirt, adrift in space. No colour. No curiosity. Just a waste-land built of non-existence.

Target me, my friends.
I bear no grudge, I only yearn for your understanding.

Blessed be, students of life... AdiĆ³s, Amigo!

(Please note, this was meant to go on Face Book. I shall discuss the matter at a later stage.) 
Target : All Anti- Goth pages

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